Tuscany Indian Wedding

The most incredible 3 days celebrating Megha & Rajiv's dreamy wedding at Antica Fattoria di Paterno and Tenuta Massini near Empoli, Tuscany.

"We are totally speechless - you are pretty much like family now"

"We’re totally and utterly speechless. We’ve just spent the last 4 hours going through the slideshow video over and over again and then pausing on every shot just in awe of everything you and Sharul have captured.

Being able to feel the emotions of each photo transported us straight back to Tuscany and we got to re-live it all again.

Both Megha and I would really like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being an absolute dream set of photographers to capture our Tuscan wedding! It was a very busy schedule but you guys made it so easy & fun for us to just be ourselves whilst capturing all the shots we wanted! There is not a single moment missing - everything we could have ever hoped for has been captured to perfection :) 

After capturing our proposal last year and now the wedding you’re both pretty much part of the Mehta and Kumar families now. Everyone commented on how great you were to have around! Even our families finally got to grips with the ‘candid shots’ by day 3 haha!

As a bit of photographer myself, it was really important for me that we chose the right photographers for our wedding, and all I can wholeheartedly say is that we couldn’t happier with our decision. In the end, we just have this overwhelming feeling of gratefulness - we are so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet & work with you guys. 

THANK YOU again for being so awesome! We love you guys."

-Rajiv & Megha

Civil Ceremony at Antica Fattoria di Paterno

We started off with a civil ceremony at Antica Fattoria di Paterno. The couple exchanged heartfelt vows in front of those they loved as the sun set over the Tuscan countryside. We then got on a precarious ladder to photograph everyone there, and ended the evening with live music and a few night portraits.

Haldi & Sangeet at Tenuta Massini

This was one of our favourite events! When you look back at photographs, we want you to feel like you were truly there in the moment. There's so much colour and chaos (not to mention all the banter) at these events that we want our photos to capture all the raw emotions! It's not about how things "looked" but also how they "felt" ... the feeling of haldi being rubbed on your face, a strong blast of water from your mates, the intricately planned dance moves...the lot!

Hindu Ceremony at Antica Fattoria di Paterno

With the summer heat, everyone did well to enjoy themselves fully - from the ceremony to the shoe stealing, we caught the moments as they happened, rather than trying to stage anything for a photo. This way, everyone's memories remain authentic, so when they see the photo, they don't remember the photographer intervening, they remember the feeling they had.

Evening Reception at Antica Paterno

And finally, we got the most gorgeous sunset as our couple enjoyed a moment together before heading to their evening party. We used the play between light and shadow, got high and got low to capture all the unique perspectives. We also can't stop gushing at how much chemistry there is between these two!

THank you Megha & Rajiv for having us!

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