Stanbrook Abbey Wedding

We were delighted to be part of this beautiful wedding at Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire. Having known Lulu from playing badminton together, it was even more special to witness her getting married to the wonderful Gareth (our favourite Zookeeper). Watch the 5 minute slideshow to see all the wonderful moments we captured from the day.

Some genuinely heartfelt speeches, a few quiet moments during the ceremony where Lulu & Gareth held on to each other, it was a pleasure to document it all. Scroll down to find your favourite photo!

Apart from their couple portraits, our favourite is when Lulu said "goodbye" to her dad as he walked her up the aisle, or when they both cracked up during the ceremony and couldn't keep a straight face (the consensus was that it was Grace's fault!).


With Gareth being a Zookeeper at the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park - they had the brilliant idea of doing their shoot there amongst what they love! We had such a wonderful experience with them - if only lemurs were a little more cooperative when it came to posing!

Thank you Lulu and Gareth for having us!

More Photos coming soon!

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