Penha Longa Sintra Indian Wedding

The most wonderful time celebrating Nira & Shamil's Indian wedding at Penha Longa Sintra (Ritz Carlton), ending with an epic reception at quinta da bella VistA.

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Kind Words from Nira

"RAAAAAAJJJJ AND SSHAAAARRRULLLL! You guys are insaneeee, out of this world! How dare you create such beauty and make us live a rollercoaster of emotions we can’t even process!

I feel my stomach tight with good anxiety for reliving all 4 wedding days

I feel like crying but tears are not coming as I’m too happy

I feel like jumping

It’s nuts!!!

We will find the right words to express our GRATITUDE and LOVE towards you and your magic! But for now we’re just going to keep watching this again and again - we’re addicted, under a spell!"

Haldi & Sangeet

After seeing the sites of Lisbon from a river cruise, we spent a sunset on a beaches in Sintra (our bride's favourite place growing up in Portugal). We then witnessed our couple get drenched in love and haldi! We hope you FEEL this visceral love pour out from the photographs! We finished the evening with some hilarious speeches and fun dance performances.

PEnha Longa - Indian Wedding

When you look back at photographs, we want you to feel like you were truly there in the moment. It's not about how things "looked" but also how they "felt". The feeling of water dripping down your face, the moment the groom's mum gives her new daughter in law one of those "you're my new favourite person" looks, the "I know I'm cheating at the ring game but tough you're marrying me" look on our bride, the intricate way mum helps bride get ready, the playful sibling relationships, we could go on!

Reception at Quinta da bella vista, Sintra

Sometimes we get asked what our photography style is. Are we dark/moody, or perhaps bright/airy? For us, instead of working within a pre-conceived style we take inspiration from where we are, who we are photographing and what kind of light we can play with. To tell a story, we go dark, we go light, we go low, we go high, we go colourful, we go monochromatic, we interact, we go quiet. You get the gist. Our approach is led by the stories we see.

As the sun went down, we arrived at Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's former home to conclude with one of the best parties we had been to. Our couple (and their team of designers and planners) had pulled out all the stops by letting guests solve little mysteries as they found their seat (paying homage to Sherlock Holmes).

Kind words from Shamil

"Looking through your pictures is like looking through a kaleidoscope. Each time we watched the slideshow, we notice a new smirk, a sneaky dance-move, a cheeky joke reaction! You just don’t know what else you’ll notice or what new emotion will be triggered each time. We both said we could sit here and look at these photogrpahs all day (and we will!).

You somehow knew what mattered to us - those moments where we felt pure joy, the decor details we obsessed over for hours, the people who held our hands / adjusted our clothing throughout. And I think that’s only possible because you immersed yourself in the whole wedding and in us as people. You captured what we wanted to remember by being there with us and relishing it all (and then some things we didn’t even remember happening).

Nobody else could have captured this day like you both did. It’s just another level. It’s like that wedding investment is paying dividends still as we can relive it from a hundred different angles all over again. We finally get what you were saying to us when we were budgeting for photography now!

We’re too overjoyed for half my words and sentiment to make sense….but we will combobulate this in a more coherent format later!! 

Honestly we love you guys!! "

THank you for Trusting us to photograph for you!

MOre photos coming soon

Worked alongside this incredible supplier team:

Photo: Raj Passy Photography

Videography: ClickT

Planning: The Wedding Co

Design: Devika Narain

MUA: Tom Perdigão

Priest: Milan Mehta

Music: Shiv Gopal

DJ: Musical Movements

Florist: Decofloralia

Venues: Penha Longa (Ritz Carlton) and Quinta Bella Vista

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