Micklefield Hall Indian Wedding

Benita & Aman

When Benita first got in touch, it was easy to imagine us working together. Benita wanted to keep things relaxed and unposed, focussing on "reality" as opposed to staging everything. Meeting Aman & Benita in person on their pre-shoot was an absolute dream! From discussing a mutual love for all things space related, to talking about how us brown kids can sometimes feel pressure to work 9-5 jobs instead of doing something creative, we absolutely loved getting to know these two genuine humans. Bellies full of a cheeky Nandos picnic, a drive via the beautiful Yorkshire scenery, we ended up at a rock formation out in the countryside.

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We're torn between the one where we caught Benita popping out of the window, or the interesting moment where the lads at the bar were lined up for a drink, with one of them breaking symmetry in a unique way! This was completely unposed - sometimes these unique moments only happen for a split second so it's even more important stay curious and observant on an important day like a wedding. We also love the one where there are multiple hands on the horse (co-incidentally, Benita's initials were on the horse!).

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