Can we share these photos on social media?

Absolutely! We will do as well! We would just request that you mention us in your captions and stories. All our work comes from word of mouth, so we'd be super grateful for any support you can provide. A few ways of supporting us on social media:

- Reposting our stories and posts when you’re tagged
- When posting, mentioning our name in the first line of your caption (instead of only tagging us in the photo)
- Leaving us a few kind words when posting

How long will my gallery be available for?

At least 12 months after you've received it. If you'd like it to stay online for longer please drop us a line and we can give you the option to extend.

What's the best way to share photos with our guests?

Rather than individually downloading images and sending them to your guests, why not let them see the whole story in context? Simply share the website link we sent along with your gallery. You can copy and paste this address into emails, Whatsapp, text, social media etc.

There are some images that we would rather not share, or be made public. How do we mark specific photos as private?

This is your gallery, and you control exactly what's in it. Before sharing the website link with others, log in to the gallery as client, rather than guest. When you come across an image you'd like to keep for your eyes only, simply click "mark as private". This way, if your guests see the gallery by logging in as guest (because they don’t have your client password), they won't see any images marked private/hidden. If you log in as client, you'll still be able to see them. Once you are happy that all the remaining photos are to your liking, feel free to share the link. You can even test this by logging as client, marking an image private, then logging in as guest to see if it shows up.

Why are there photos of us crying?!

Just like we love photographing people experiencing joy, we also love all the tears. Weddings can be hugely emotional, and we like to photograph not just the “pretty” but also the “beautiful”. In 5-10 years, you’ll notice how you’ll have a deep emotional connection with not just the “pretty” photos but also the ones where raw emotions are on show.

Why are there photos of hands, feet, and other random things?

Sometimes, hands, feet etc. tell more of a story than facial expressions. We’ve become very good at disguising how we truly feel with our faces, so sometimes subtle gestures communicate a more nuanced story. We believe our job as photographers is not just to show how things “looked” (e.g. pretty) but also how things “felt” (e.g. beautiful).

We also use a technique called “layering”. This is a storytelling technique to show what the context of the photo is, and how different elements in the story are unfolding together.

For example, there may be something in the foreground of the image and something else happening in the background. On their own, these elements may not tell the story together, whereas when they’re framed together, they are able to show 2 stories happening at the same time.

Can we send these photos to our other wedding suppliers e.g. venue, decor companies etc?

Yes, and they are welcome to use them on social media with a credit to us. If they’d like to use the images for commercial and advertising purposes (e.g. on their website, brochures etc) then please ask them to get in touch with us. Sometimes we share your gallery with common connections too e.g. other suppliers, common friends, guests etc.

What if you post a photo online that we absolutely hate?

Hopefully this won’t happen! You chose us for our style, and because of the work we put out there. The work we do for you is also our shop front, so we proudly display work that we’re proud of. We also sometimes enter images for awards, prizes etc. Usually, our favourites from each wedding are put in the highlights section of the gallery (the first tab that opens up) and we only really post a handful. If there are any images that you really REALLY would be mortified if they went on our social media, please mark them as private, and drop us an email.

The photos look great, but there are a couple of moments that we would like more photos from. Is this possible?

Documentary photography is subjective and we work tirelessly to capture everything possible! There will inevitably be some moments that we couldn’t be there for but we hope you can appreciate the moments we did capture rather than the ones missed, if any.

We always endeavour to curate the most visually representative and high quality imagery from your wedding day.

Imagine if we gave you a large quantity of mediocre photos rather than high quality story-telling photos. For us, it’s all about quality over quantity.

If we haven’t provided an image this is usually because of a variety of reasons including:

● Unflattering expressions, closed eyes etc
● Image out of focus or not exposed properly
● Too similar to other photos already provided
● Image lacks a story or doesn’t meet our quality standard

Your full set of photos will include all the images that we feel visually represent the important moments that we caught. All other photos are deleted as part of our selection process.

There are a few photos that are black and white, but there are no colour versions. Can we have the colour versions too?

If we have given you a B&W photo and there is no colour version, there’s usually a reason behind this. Usually this means the available light made the colours look less than ideal, so we have intentionally developed it in B&W only, and the colour version has not passed our quality check i.e. you will probably not want to see the colour version! However, if you still have a burning desire to have a colour version of a specific photo, please let us know within 1 week of receiving your gallery.

Where can I get photos in high resolution?

Your online gallery allows you to download high resolution images.

How do I back up my high resolution images?

We recommend making 3 back ups of your downloaded high resolution images. One on your main laptop/computer, one on an external hard drive, and one on a cloud storage platform (e.g. Dropbox, iCloud etc). These are the only high resolution files from your wedding, so it's important to back them up safely as we don’t keep these photographs on our systems past 1 year.

How do I order physical prints?

Photos are not real until printed! Your online gallery is also an online print store. You and your guests can order physical prints directly from the gallery. You simply open up the image and click "Buy Photo". Once you check out, the photos are are printed by our specialist UK lab and shipped directly to your address. Your guests can do the same without having to go through us or yourselves, simply share the link with them and let them know about ordering prints.

I'd like an album! How do I get started?

Fantastic! The first step is to let us know which images you love and want to consider having in your album. The easiest way to do this is to go on your gallery, log in using your email, and click the 'heart' icon by each of your favourite images. This lets us know that 1)you love the image and 2)you might possibly like it in the album and would like to decide later. We suggest choosing between 150-200 images to make the next step of designing your album easier. Please drop us a message and we can explain this process in more detail.

We’d like to say thanks. How do we do this?

Thank you! We’d love it if you could like, comment and share our posts, even if they aren’t from your wedding. You may not be as interested in other people’s weddings, but your support for our work means a great deal to us.

In addition to reposting our IG stories and leaving kind words on social media, the other way is to leave us a review on Google. Simply open your computer and visit:


The words you write will be read by people who are enquiring with us but need that final little push to book. If you need help, you can answer questions like:

● When you were looking for a photographer, what concerns did you have e.g. too posey, not feeling natural etc.
● After working with us, did any of those concerns seem to go away?
● Any words of advice to couples looking for the right team to photograph their day?

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