Photography is a big decision!

Here are our top tips on what we think are the most important factors when picking the wedding photographer that is right for you.

Will you enjoy working with them?

Or are they on a different vibe?

Not many people will tell you this, but out of all the people on your wedding day, you'll probably end up spending the most amount of time with your photographers! Right from the start, all the way to the end, they'll be with you all day (possibly even more than your new life partner). So it's important to consider them, their personalities, and whether you can trust and enjoy their company.

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Do you want to spend lots of time posing?

Or rather be present and enjoy the celebration?

Every photographer will have their own way of creating their photographs. Ask your photographers if their style is more going with the flow, or will they need to stop certain moments to ensure they get their photographs. For example, some photographers will mandate that they get an hour to make elaborate bridal portraits, and some are happy with more simpler, more authentic bridal photos within a much shorter period. This will also be evident to you when you ask for their full wedding albums.

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Have you actually read their reviews in detail?

Or just skimmed to see if they're trustworthy?

We all love positive reviews of course, but every couple focuses on different parts of their experience. We'd recommend reading your photographers reviews in detail to see exactly what aspect other couples pulled out as noteworthy. Then, think about yourselves to see if you value those things too. For example, did they comment on how comfortable the photographers made them feel? Is this element important to you?

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