An epic wedding at Fateh Vilas, Udaipur

We were honoured to be invited to capture Shreya & Vishal's destination wedding celebrations at Fateh Vilas, part of the Fatehpur Collection in Udaipur. Set amongst the Aravalli hills of Udaipur, press play to see how this story unfolded.

Easter eggs

Easter might be over, but perhaps you noticed a few Easter eggs in the photographs? A few of them include catching the shoe flying out of Akshay's hand in mid air, or the £1 coin flying out of Janvi's envelope as she negotiated with Ria, Shreya's reflection in Vishal's sunglasses as she puts on the Jai Mala, and, probably our favourite, one of the boys peaking out the window during the couple's evening portraits!

Scroll down to take a closer look.

Preshoot & "Udaichella"

We began with a gorgeous sunrise preshoot on the grounds of Fateh Vilas, where our couple were able to take a moment before their festivities began. We then participated in a festival-themed party; the couple's own take on Coachella in Udaipur! What a way to kick off an incredible series of events! There were games, there was face paint, and there was a lot of alcohol. We partied the night away with an Indian idol styled karaoke night where everyone sang - including the bride's grandma!

Mandvo, Pithi by the pool, and Rainbow Raas

When you look back at photographs, we want you to feel like you were truly there in the moment. It's not about how things "looked" but also how they "felt". The feeling of haldi being splattered on your face, as your friends also shower you with petals. When scrolling through these photographs, our aim is for you to be able to truly feel like you are there in the moment, instead of just spectators watching from afar. After the haldi, the party moved into a full on water fight! We did everything to protect our cameras from water while also making sure we capture these wonderfully fun memories!

We then ended the day with one of the wedding's highlights; Rainbow Raas, a multicoloured, Garba evening under the starry skies of Udaipur.

Wedding Ceremony

As the sun rose over Lake Pichola, the families started getting ready for the big event. Despite the couple being legally married already, you could still sense a touch of butterflies in both of them. The groom arrived in style, DJ Irf (on wheels) providing the music, as the bride looked on from the balcony hidden under a beautiful veil. The ceremony itself was led by not 1 but 2 priests and the couple smiled through it all.

Monte Carlo style Reception Party

The grand finale at Fateh Vilas was a Monte Carlo themed reception. After making photographic art pieces for the couple, we headed into the party where there were fun gambling themed tables, a fabulous bar, and an incredibly set up dance floor! We used more dramatic lighting and enhanced post production techniques to tell this evening's story. The couple presented "awards" at their reception e.g. most sun-tanned, best "eating performance" at the buffet etc which had the room in fits of laughter. We then danced the night away with the guests - after having spent 3 days with everyone they pretty much treated us like friends and wanted us to put our cameras down!

THank you Shreya & Vishal for having us!

More photos coming soon.

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